What distinctive features a mobile bank app can offer you? Find out now

The banking industry is adopting the latest technology trends. Mobile phones have become the most important device, while the mobile apps have turned out to become the most essential tool to manage money. The number of customers using online banking is increasing when compared to those using the traditional one.

Technology has made things faster and more convenient that people don’t have time to wait. Mobile banking apps help you with this. For instance, the IDFC FIRST Bank ebanking app on your mobile can help you perform several things such as shopping, paying bills, transferring funds, opening a savings account, etc., online. 

What makes an e-banking app unique?

A mobile banking app helps a bank account holder to carry out all financial transactions online. From checking the account balances to transferring funds and setting up payments, it helps you do everything at your convenience. Some distinguishing features of the mobile banking app of IDFC FIRST Bank includes:

Accessibility from anywhere

Using the latest technology, IDFC FIRST Bank offers most of its banking services effectively online. Their customers can carry out financial transactions sitting in the living room. They save a lot of time using the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking app, which helps avoid visiting the bank. If you have a smartphone and the Internet connection, you can download the app from the Play Store or App Store and register on it.

Easy money transfers from one bank to another bank 

A customer can carry out banking tasks anytime like when traveling, at the office, or even at leisure time. They do not need to visit the bank’s branch to transfer money, or to pay bills. With this bank to bank money transfer app, you can transfer money, make payments through net banking or UPI, link bank accounts, and so on.

You can effortlessly switch between multiple accounts of different banks and conduct transactions easily. The app also helps you generate mini statements of all accounts linked with the app. It also facilitates instant funds transfer or payments through the UPI facility and pay for the utilities like water, LPG, electricity, DTH charges, etc.

Recharge FASTag online

With the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking app, you can pay tolls online easily by purchasing FASTag. You don’t have to wait in lines at toll plazas now. This simple and reloadable tag facilitates automatic payment of tolls ahead of your journey. Moreover, you can also pay for parking and fuel. The Radio-Frequency Identification, (RFID) helps you pay for the fuel, and saves time by not requiring to stop at any fuel station. All you need is to buy and register for FASTag online. Once you have bought it, you can do the FASTag recharge online easily. The app also helps you to perform the FASTag balance check online from your home or when traveling. 

The IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile banking app is also known for sending notification messages or alerts for every withdrawal, payment, or deposit effected. The customer’s mobile phone, which is connected with the app, will give real-time updates, messages, and alerts. This will help you take immediate actions if there is any unauthorized access to your bank account. 

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