Three types of insurance that are slowly gaining popularity

Phone insurance, moving insurance, and travel insurance are slowly attracting new customers because people are realizing their importance.  Here are some points that can help you check if you need phone insurance, travel or moving insurance.


Secure your travel plans

Travel insurance may not be anything new for business travelers, but there are several people around the world who do not know about this type of cover.

Travel insurance can prove to be useful in claiming compensations for hotel bills, airline tickets, and other travel expenses, if your trip gets cancelled due to some reasons. It can also be used to claim compensation for medical bills (depending on the policy’s coverage) incurred while traveling.

You can get compensation for damage to baggage, and loss of baggage. Some insurance companies also compensate for your damages incurred due to terror attacks while traveling.  Cost for such insurance depends on number of days that you plan to travel, overall cost of your trip, and some other factors.

Insurance for mobile phones and tablet PCs

This is an agreement in which insurer offers coverage for phones and tablet PCs. You can get claim if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged due to certain acceptable reasons.  Such insurance is offered by phone retailers, and mobile phone networks.  Such cover is really important if you often travel outside with your expensive smart phone or tablet PC.

People often opt for insurance when they purchase expensive BlackBerry, Android, or iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.  It is advisable to opt for insurer who offers coverage for phones, tablet PCs, and also for laptops. Cost for coverage depends on your device’s type, and price. To get the best quote for iphone insurance in the UK, visit Gadget Insurance Company’s website.

Do you often move your residence? Opt for moving insurance

Are you from one of those individuals who often move their residence from one city to another due to professional reasons? If the answer is yes, you should consider opting for moving insurance. With this type of cover, you won’t have to worry about damages caused to your household or office items while being transported.

Such policies are also available to cover damages for office equipment and machinery. You can ask your local insurance agent or movers and packers company about this insurance and its cost.

If you think any of the above three insurance is beneficial, you should definitely opt for the same.


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