What You Should Look For In An Airmiles Credit Card

The really great perk about airmiles credit cards is the fact that you can charge money to your card for everyday expenses and earn points at the same time that can later be redeemed for your next trip. Everyone knows how expensive a great holiday can be, from the cost of airfare to the cost of rental cars and hotels, so having an airmiles credit card with the right rewards can make a big difference, and bring that dream vacation closer to reality.


When searching for the best airmiles credit cards that you can put to work for you, there are certain criteria that you should consider. Below are some of the things you should look at before applying.

Airline-Sponsored versus Bank-Sponsored Cards

Airline-sponsored credit cards are geared towards specific airlines, so you may be limited if you want to take another airline or the airline that sponsors your card doesn’t offer the destination you seek. However, if the airline that sponsors your airmiles credit card operates at a nearby airport and offers the many destinations you seek, this can prove to be very convenient and inexpensive.

Bank-sponsored credit cards, on the other hand, offer you the flexibility to choose between many airlines. Therefore, whatever airline you wish to use and whatever is closest to your home would accept the airmiles on your card. Nevertheless, there may be restrictions with these cards as well, so just be sure to read all of the fine print.

The Rewards

Here are just some of the many rewards you can reap by shopping every day with your airmiles credit cards:

  • Some companies offer excellent introductory perks within the first few months to the first year of having your airmiles credit card. For example, once you spend a certain amount of money within the introductory period, you can earn tens of thousands of bonus airmiles to get started.
  • Certain airmiles credit cards also offer bonus miles if you spend a certain amount of money on the card annually. This means that if you make large purchases on your card regularly, you earn miles for all of that money, in addition to bonus miles, making it possible to take that dream trip even sooner.
  • Look for cards that have no limits regarding the number of miles you can acquire from purchases. Some cards have limits on the number of airmiles you can earn every year, for example, so if you’re planning on using your airmiles card as your primary credit card and you know you’ll be charging a lot of money on it, opt instead for a card that has no limits.
  • Many cards offer online malls through which you can do your shopping and earn extra points on every purchase. Companies also offer bonus miles on certain types of purchases that fall within specific categories or are made at specific times of the year.

Many airmiles cards allow you to redeem your points at any time of year and for any type of flight. The fewer restrictions, the better.

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