Things to do Online during Social Distancing

The entire world is in a state of melancholy. During this time we all need to support and motivate each other to stay indoors and practice social distancing. With the hustle and bustle that we are enjoying living in, it becomes a tad bit difficult to keep ourselves occupied throughout the day and be productive.

These simple things will keep you busy and strike off crucial chores from your list to do whilst practicing social distancing.

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  1. Check your bills

Checking your bills everything right from the basics to the luxury. This includes electricity bills, rent, mortgage, the milkman, your broadband, internet connection, gas pipeline, etc. Sort them out into two groups: Essential and non-essential. Various brands such as Airtel Payments Bank provide their customers’ opportunities to pay most of these bills online. This is vital to avoid troubles whilst social distancing and lead a hassle-free life indoors.

  1. Renewal of your insurance policies

Social distancing will serve as an excellent opportunity if busy work life is something you have been having lately. This is a great time to grab a hot cup of coffee, glance through your insurance policies, and renew them as per your requirement. Now that you have paced down, utilize this time to make some constructive decisions for the future while staying indoors

  1. Utilize the option of digital payments

Time to clear all the back-log! Payments and recharges have all gone online and have been made hassle-free by the major service providers such as Airtel. This is also an excellent way to stay connected with your loved ones whilst staying at home. Distance-friendly and user-friendly, the online payment mode is flexible and is convenient to use. You can also make electricity bill payment online by using your credit/debit cards, UPI, mobile wallets or net-banking.

  1. Indulge in binge-watching!

What better way to spend your time watching and exploring shows and movies. And the fun and excitement escalate to a whole new level when you’re watching it on the big screen. Personal experience suggests that Airtel Xstream Box is the one-stop option for all sorts of digital entertainment. It comes with a Google Assistant voice search and encapsulates more than 5000 apps! Didn’t social distancing just get easier?

During this difficult time, you need to be positive and enthusiastic no matter how much boredom and lethargy strikes you. The Internet has made such difficult times manageable and helped us stay connected to our loved ones through various online portals. Make your list of things to do online right away and motivate people around you to do the same. Stay safe. Stay home.

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