The Advantages of Becoming an Investment Banker

Thinking of going into investment banking?

This is perhaps the best career move you can make since IB signifies Big Money. If you are beginning to walk on the path that will lead you to the world of investment banking, this content is apt for you.

Investment Banker

Investment Banking is undoubtedly a vast field with countless opportunities to offer. Hence, thousands and thousands of finance folks from world-class institutions hop on the route to IB. And why would they? After all, it is one of the most sought after fields that offer a great salary, financial rewards along with unparalleled exposure to the finance world. 

But, anything that is this desirable is always tough to get. Hence, it isn’t easy to build and sustain an investment banking career if you are not entirely cut out for it. In other words, you will fit into the IB sphere if you are ready to work long hours under immense pressure. Ultimately you are handling other people’s money and what can be more stressful than that. Right?

So, a total dedication toward your work is what a top investment banker expected to have. Now, if you feel that you are meant to be in this field, then you must also know that if you work hard, it will definitely pay in this sector. IB is also known for the wonderful perks that it provides to its people. Intrigued to know?

Here is a list of incentives you will get to enjoy as an Investment Banker.

  1. Compulsory vacations

IB firms do know how to pamper their hard-working investment banker by giving them a compulsory vacation where they can completely detach themselves from work. No calls, no emails, no meetings with the clients. It is a two weeks break which is much needed by every professional handling the intense work in investment banking.

  1. Adaptable skill set

Investment banking doesn’t push to follow just one career track, instead, it helps you become eligible for many other fields that you may want to join eventually. After working as an investment banker and earning an investment banking certification, you will have enough knowledge to establish yourself as a consultant, a corporate finance professional or launch your own company.  

  1. Helps you become smart in the company of sharp people

As an investment banker, you are always surrounded by bright-minded people with acuity for finance and a drive to become successful. Thus, it is obvious for you to become a smarter and tenacious person.

  1. Exceptional pay for IB professionals

IB people holding investment banking certifications are one of the most well-paid people in the finance sector. They are offered with amazing salaries along with bonuses, payout and God knows whatnot.

  1. Alluring lifestyle

IB professionals enjoy the privilege of staying in a top hotel when they travel for work and otherwise. Also, they eat the fanciest cuisines. Hence, you can imagine the level of importance you receive as an investment banker.

Best Investment Banking Certifications – Recommendations

Certification can act as a significant career enhancer. If you are an experienced IB professional or even a freshman, earning an Investment Banking career can be your best bet to have a strong, long-lasting career in IB. Among the broad cluster of IB certifications programs offered in the market, courses provided on platforms like Coursera, Investment Banking Council of America and Udemy can help you build a strong foundation to build your IB career on.

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