Should You Lease or Buy ATM Machines?

ATM MachinesIt is vital to understand that placing an ATM in your store, such as restaurants, gas stations, office buildings, or salons. It is a perfect way to attract more customers that are passing around. It can be profitable if you operate in high-traffic areas.

Of course, everything depends on the visibility of the machine that you wish to install, but generally, you will get more customers than before.

It is important to check here so that you can understand the withdrawal fees in general.

On the other hand, owners will generate revenues from fees, which could go from two thousand to thirty thousand dollars per year, overall.

The first question you should answer is if you should purchase or lease it. We cannot provide you the ultimate answer to this particular question, primarily since it depends on numerous factors.

If you are not sure whether you should buy or lease it, we recommend you stay with us to learn the benefits of both options in further text.

1.Initial Investment

ATM Machines

It is a logical assumption that you will have to handle the lower initial investment by leasing instead of buying both used andthe new one. Generally, the upfront cost for leasing depends on the model you want to get, and it goes up to a few hundred dollars per month.

On the other hand, buying the machine means that you will need to spare a higher initial investment for either used or a new one. The new models are much more effective, and the correlation is similar to buying a new or used car.

Used machines are less expensive than new ones, but you will have to maintain them properly and more frequently to make them work. Besides, they are slower than new ones and come with less appealing design to passengers.

Getting the new one means you can enjoy advanced features and specifications, including accessibility functions for people with impairments and disabilities, as well as touchscreen display, among other things.

You need to determine whether you should get a machine on your business premises for the long term because buying the one is the perfect option for businesses that are not under particular risks.

However, if you are not sureabout your business success and future revenues, it is much better to lease it so that you can determine whether the machine will affect your profits or not.

2.The Advanced Models

Finding the new model means you will have to pay a more significant amount than the used one. The same thing goes for renting as well because using the new model with advanced features will require a more significant amount you need to spare each month.

Remember that one of the most important things when it comes to automated teller machines is the appearance. The old models tend to provide the impression of low security and higher fee, which is not something you wanted in the first place.

If you get a machine with less-transparent display, and without standard features such as a touchscreen, you will end up gettinga less reliable and safe alternative than advanced models.

The idea is to find the best place so to order ATMs, which will help you reduce the hassle along the way.

The idea is to find numerous models available on the market, depending on the vendor.

Therefore, leasing will provide you the additional flexibility, because you can change the models as this particular industry advances, and find the match for your premises that will appeal to your visitors and potential customers.

Finally, you will be able to upgrade the model in the future, which is not something you can do after the buying process.


If you purchase and become the owner of the machine, you will have to handle the maintenance by yourself.

The idea is to find the professional service that will help you handle the regular repairs and maintenance, especially because faulty machines are the worst way to approach potential customers.

The retailer can provide you the particular warranty deal as well as maintenance contract so that you can handle the 24/7 repairs every single time you need it.

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, already used machines will require additional maintenance.

Finally, when you decide to lease an ATM, you can handle the repairs by calling the retailer, which is the more convenient solution than buying.

However, you should talk about provisions that you will pay every month to handle this particular situation.

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