How To Deal With Financial Income Inequality In Marriage

It happens to us, as the economy is today, no one can be completely sure how things are. We may find ourselves in a bad economic time and realize we do not know how to get out.


Today we show you a simple way to overcome a bad economic situation as a couple, so they can weather the situation.

The Merger in Finance

When a newlywed couple goes to live together is the problem of deciding whether to make a single joint account or keep things separate. Ideally, try different ways to find the best way each partner handles money.

For honeymooners the best option may be a middle ground: a little money of their own autonomy and the rest of the public domain.

Coping Debts

One of the biggest problems in a couple looks at debt, especially if they come from one of the two members, and is not a joint debt-for example, the mortgage. Why? Because what you have done before marriage or your account may affect you directly, so you have to end up paying the consequences of the problem.

It is best not to leave the person in this matter and try to pay as quickly as possible.

Keep Costs under Control

It happens that a couple is one that spends more than the other, usually splurges a little more, while the other is more restrained. Therefore, it may be annoying that you labelled in one of two camps.

However, studies have shown that men and women spend the same but in different things: while women deal with everyday household expenses, grocery shopping, bills, clothes-men make large purchases, appliances, and car.

A Smart Investment

In general, men are those who are more willing to invest than women, so in these cases may arise friction in the couple about it. Sean as are the views, ideally sit at least once a year and have time to review investments.

Keeping Secrets with Money

It is very common for someone to go to the casino one night and spend some money or buy something you like at a mall. But from the smallest to the largest, which is what is usually hidden, it is necessary to be honest with your partner.

In the event that the situation has wild-for example, the case of a player-the important thing is to contact as soon as possible with a professional who can help.

Emergency Planning

Even if everything seems fine, we think that in the future not all have to be pink. Hence, think well and saving, at the bank have covered expenses for three to six full months, so that if something unexpected happens not get into an emergency situation.


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