How to buy stocks directly from a company

The stock market today is highly volatile. But this should not stop you from investing. If you are careful and disciplined, it’s not difficult to fetch good returns. A trusted brokerage firm like Kotak Securities would guide you properly and help you get the highest dividends. This is, in fact, the only way to trade in India—you cannot buy stocks directly from a company.

Trading through a broker

You are not permitted to buy or sell stocks in India on your own. You need a broker to carry out such activities. This is actually a boon in disguise. Still in the dark? The two reasons given below will explain everything:

  1. Experience and research: When you trade through a registered and trustworthy stock brokerage firm, you can expect the very best results. The brokers associated with these firms are highly qualified and experienced. You get the proper guidance and get to make sound investments in the share market. Investing on your own in a volatile market may result in heavy losses.
  2. Negligible fees and charges: Leading brokerage firms offer their services at a very low cost. The fees and charges are practically negligible. They offer you the best service and guidance. So, you can earn handsome profits from stocks in India by doing trade through brokers at a negligible cost.

How to choose a broker wisely

How do you get the most out of your investments? The easiest way is to hire a very bankable stock broker. When choosing the service, look out for the following features:

  • Access to research: As a client of a brokerage firm, you get access to their research data. This is priceless for any investor: you have all the relevant information at hand before making any investment. The important factors to consider are the share price, current market trends, etc. Look for a broker who is ready to offer its research data to you.
  • Digital presence: Your broker of choice should have a strong digital presence. You should be able to access your DEMAT account through a mobile application at any time. The app should be fast and up-to-date to allow hassle-free operations.
  • Cost-effective: You must stay away from paying a high brokerage fee. Know well the pricing structure properly before you get associated with the broker.
  • Multi-use account: Look for a broker who offers a multi-use account. You should have a 3-in-1 account that offers savings, demat, and trading services all together.

Brokerage firms like Kotak Securities offers all these facilities. Look no further if you want to get associated with a trusted name and invest in a safe and secured manner.


You need to hire a broker to trade in the Indian stock market. Remember, that you cannot buy stocks from a company directly here. The key, however, lies in finding a good broker that offers an economical and profitable service. Follow all the points mentioned above and select the broker with care. It may be high time to invest in the market to grow your wealth quickly. Happy trading!

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