Carina Advisors On How Newly Married Couples Should Manage Their Personal Finances

Are you trying to set up a strong post marriage financial foundation?

Do you know how you can establish a strong financial future for your partner and yourself?

Have you thought about things like savings, insurance, clearing debts?

Is there a way by which you can lead a happy, prosperous and debt free future?

If you have been thinking about these questions after your marriage, then you are making the right beginnings.

Most couples fail to consider financial planning as one of the cardinal pillars of a marriage. This not only leads starts creating rifts and small fights early on, but also takes a toll on emotional wellbeing.

In this article, Carina Advisors, one of the best financial advisory firms, aims to address the above raised questions.

Personal Finances

Carina Advisors recommend creating a Monthly Budget

When people get married, they put budgeting on the back burner for some time. This is not a healthy financial habit. Couples should act in a mature fashion and establish their budget right after their marriage.

This should include a list of all the incomes and the expenditure that happen every month. By creating a budget, you will be able to plan and avoid unwanted situations from arising. It will also help you understand the flow of money and how as a couple, you are spending the same.

By bringing in this kind of financial discipline, you will be able to cut expenses, invest properly and lead happy lives. Couples should make it a point to sit down together and plan for the month ahead.

Couples should not give into peer pressure and carry out unwanted expenditures

Your friend might have taken that exotic vacation to Europe last summer. Their photos on Instagram might be creating a psychological pull. However, if you do not have the means, try to avoid such expenditures at all costs.

It is best not to give into peer pressure and do things just to feel accepted. Most couples think that taking loans and posting pictures is going to help them blend in. However, you should avoid this critical mistake at all costs. This just creates debt.

See how much you are earning and plan your expenditures accordingly. If you want to go for that trip, start saving up in advance. Do not let your monthly expenditure exceed your monthly income regularly.

Seek help and advice from a reputed and established Financial Advisor

Married couples should make it a point to seek financial opinion from good financial advisory firms. Credible firms can help you invest in the right manner. They can also help you clear credit card debts and other similar debts, which you might have accumulated.

Please remember that financial advisory firms work with people of all financial standings. By listening to their advice or going for their easy and helpful financial plans, you can lead a wonderfully satisfied married life.

Financial Advisors advise on a number of financial topics. You can seek their help on insurance, credit cards, mortgages, savings, and other issues, which affect you. You should also know that it is important to make this into a financial habit. ‘I am thinking of taking a mortgage on my property, should I speak to my financial advisor first?’ Yes, you should.


Unhealthy financial management can create a lot of turmoil in your married life. It also shows that you are not mature enough to handle adult issues in your life. If you want to save your marriage from emotional turmoil arising out of financial mismanagement, you should pay attention to the article.

Can you help point out some other financial issues, which married couples should pay attention to? Let us know in the comments section below.



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