Advantages of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

In case you have purchased a new bike and are still reluctant to buy a two wheeler insurance, then you should immediately buy one. Because as a motorcycle rider you should take care and show caution every time you are on the road. It is imperative to think about your life, your bike, and the lives of others. Also, a two wheeler insurance is a great way to protect you against loss, if you are in an accident. It will help financially save you and your vehicle from the adverse effects of damages incurred due to an eventuality. But, there are tons of two wheeler insurance companies who offer affordable plans. However, the two wheeler insurance plans from ICICI Lombard is unbeatable. This read will help you understand that how buying insurance from ICICI Lombard can be rewarding.

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The Advantage of buying comprehensive two wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard are as follows:

  • You can safeguard yourself and the co-passengers

You are bound to get an inbuilt per accident cover that will compensate in case of accidental death and bodily injuries to the owner and rider. Additionally, there is an option of additional add-on passenger cover to secure your loved one.

  • Your two wheeler gets a protection shield

You can very much rely on 3500 + network of garages by ICICI Lombard in case of any assistance. The highlight of this add-on is that one can locate a nearby network garage irrespective of the place where the accident happens.

  • Option for Long term two wheeler policy

If you often tend to forget your two wheeler insurance renewal date, then ICICI brings you the Long Term Policy option. This type of plan comes with a tenure of 1, 2 or 3 years that will help you ride tension-free.

  • ICICI considers online renewal as a breeze

Now, your expired two wheeler insurance policies are not a concern anymore. With ICICI Lombard your expired two wheeler will not require inspection anymore, thus providing relief to the bike owners who are unwilling to renew their expired bike policies.

  • The additional add-on features bring more power to your bike

The electrical and non-electrical on your bike are costly, but with ICICI Lombard you can cover both the features.

Important Aspects of a Good Two Wheeler Insurance

A good two wheeler insurance should exhibit the following features:

  • Provides protection the legal way

All Vehicles plying on Indian roads must have a valid insurance policy as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. In case you are found without a valid Insurance policy, you are liable to pay heavy fine.

  • Must have a personal accident cover

Most of the insurance companies provide a personal accident cover as an inbuilt feature. And same is the case with ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance, where you get a personal accident cover of up to 1 Lakh INR for the individual driver and/or owner of the bike.

  • A Third party liability cover is a must have

What if your two-wheeler hits another vehicle and causes death/ injury to the third party owner/driver? In that case you are accountable to pay all the expenses to the third party. Therefore, to avoid a situation like this, ICICI Lombard covers your third party liability as well. A comprehensive policy covers both the own damage and third party liability. Any expenses arising due to an accident with your vehicle will be taken care of.

  • Should protect against man-made and natural calamities

A two wheeler comprehensive policy covers natural calamities like earthquake, fire, lightning, cyclone, flood, frost, explosion, rockslide etc. And man-made calamities like theft, burglary, strike, malicious act, riot etc.

  • Essentially brings peace of mind

Ultimately u get a peace of mind, when you know that you are financially protected 24×7.

Premium Calculation of your Policy

In order to insure your two wheeler you pay the annual premium to the insurance company and in return, the insurer promises to cover the risk of damage or loss. But to get the right premium from the insurance company, you need to enter some basic details like registration number, two wheeler bike make and model etc. post which you can compare the policies, premium breakups and the amount charged for each feature. Factors that decide your two wheeler insurance premium are as follows:

  • Make and model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine capacity
  • Age of the owner
  • Geographical location, etc.

Therefore, one can never go wrong with ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance policy. With affordable and cleverly planned features to suit everyone’s needs, it is the one-stop solution for new as well as old two wheeler vehicle owners.

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